Since the launch of the first Rambo movie in the year 1980 the demand for licensed original Rambo knife has been on the rise. Even today after so many years of the first blood, Rambo knives are still the number one choice when it comes to buying survival knives. Credit for designing the original Rambo knife mainly goes to two people Jimmy Lile and Gil Hibben who have designed Rambo knives for all the four movies starting from Rambo 1 to Rambo 4. What is it in the Rambo knives that makes them such a compelling buy? What is the story behind these knives? Who manufactures these knives in the current day and are they really worth the money you spend on them? This website has been launched to answer these precise questions. In addition to offering this information, we will also give you tips on how and where to buy original Rambo knives and most importantly what factors to take into consideration while you are in the shop.

If you are planning on buying a Rambo knife survival kit then you probably want it to take along when you go out on survival missions. Alternatively you might also want to buy the knife solely as a collector's item.

Facts on Rambo First Blood One Survival Knife with Compass

The original first blood knife was designed by the lengendary knife maker Jimmy Lile. Find out the story behind the knife, how it was made and how you can buy an original rambo knife. The section also covers information on the knife accessories included in a Rambo knife set. Find out if or not you should be buying this knife and the value of this knife from the survival point of view.

Comparision Between the Rambo 1, 2 and 3 Knives

There are lots of differences that exist between the Rambo one, two and three knives. Find out which knife is the better. Find out the story behind each of these survival knives and who designed them.

The section also covers information about the material used to design the knife blade and other useful information related to the size of the knives.

Facts on Rambo 4 Survival Knife

This is the final knife in the set. Find out why the original rambo 4 knife is not considered useful from the survival point of view. What are the factors that makes this knife more of a collector's item than a survival knife. Find out the facts related to this knife and how you can buy an authentic knife.

If you think there are flaws on the website or you want to rectify information presented on original rambo knives people feel free to get in touch with us.

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Rambo First Blood Survival Knife with Compass

Comparision Between Rambo 1, 2 and 3 Knives

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